Recycling & Disposal of IT & Networking Equipment

Recycling & Disposal of IT & Networking EquipmentTechworlnet offers a single source solution for the secure, certified and documented disposition of IT assets and data, and can be customized to address the unique needs of your organization worldwide. With many years of experience and a large quantity of clients using our Asset Recovery Services, Techworldnet guarantees security of all the data being dispose ensuring compliance with all the privacy laws, including WEEE and RoHM standards and with California recycling standards (California SB20/50). We concentrate to help companies achieve their environmental goals on e-waste assuring peace of mind and financially constructive.

The growing development of new electronic equipment shortens the life generating a steady and increasing volume of electronic waste. This is already a problem for many countries striving to create new laws to deal with the flow of these materials. And here is where TechWorldnet comes into play and makes it look easy. With agents worldwide we can promptly respond to your e-waste request guaranteeing that all proper steps will be taken care of starting from site pickup, customs forms, data cleansing, and security data report.     

Electronic scrap contains not only metals that should not be discarded, but also many toxic and dangerous elements that represent a significant threat to the environment if not treated properly. Techworldnet offers the service of complete disk drive/data destruction for all of our customers. Securing that all your data won’t be leaked or reused. Such materials are completely destroyed in pyrometallurgical process for the recycling of precious metals contained with proper generation Certificate of Destruction. Techworldnet believes that the metals contained in the materials have a vital role because they can be RECYCLED efficiently and infinitely, which makes them a sustainable basis for products and services.

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