Cisco Security Appliance Review & How to Succeed in the Cloud

The Cisco ASA Advanced Inspection and Prevention Security Services Module 40 (AIP-SSM-40) is a hardware module that plugs into a Cisco ASA device and runs Cisco IPS Sensor Software, a comprehensive inline network-based defense system that is designed to accurately identify, classify, and stop malicious traffic, including worms, spyware, adware, and application abuse, before they affect your business or network assets.

Cisco adaptive security appliances offers a combination of features, including firewall filtering, VPN termination, and inspection of Internet protocols such as HTTP and FTP. The Cisco ASA AIP-SSM extends Cisco intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology into SMB environments by combining high-performance inspection, reliability, and full firewall and IPS integration. With a Cisco ASA AIP-SSM solution, you can detect and prevent threats in all areas of your business network.

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3 Major Lessons to Learn so You Can Succeed in the Cloud

If you haven't noticed, companies are moving to cloud platforms apace. A few years ago, we were immersed in dozens of questions. Now, many companies have pushed their applications and databases to the cloud, especially public and some private.

 With the migration underway, we are learning new lessons. Here are the first three.

1 - Cloud usually means a change in the skills needed in business.

 New programming approach and language needs to be understood, including how to build or – more often – rebuild the applications for cloud computing platforms. Thus, you will need architects and developers who understand how cloud-based platforms really work.

2 - Procedures changes too.

With the use of DevOps as an agile approach to building and deploying cloud-based applications, you must deal with new approaches for continuous delivery, development, integration and deployment. The intensive human labor of a few years ago is gone; now everything is automated.

3 - Technology changes, obviously.

Clouds are different from traditional platforms, although components such as operating systems and databases may appear to be the same and still work the same way. These are multitenant systems with their own native features that should be explored – again, for the right set of skills.

How should you prepare for this change?

You have probably changed your technology many times in the past, and this time is no different. It's a matter of accepting what change is occurring and plan to make sure that there will be enough to get the resources and the right people for the budget.

 Many companies like to look at the movement toward cloud as self-financing. Yes, there is money to be saved. However, it takes money to get people and technology you need, then you need to increase the budget, at least initially.

 Difficult? Yes, but most things worth doing are difficult. It will take a concerted effort to do the work of cloud. You might as well get a jump on it and start now!

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Published on 08/12/2014 16:41:19
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