Virtualization & 4 Tips to Modernize your Data Canter

Virtualization enables your company to save money, time and effort – which in the end can make your customers very happy. Some tips are essential for companies who are considering virtualization.


With the constant search for technologies that aggregate unified and interconnected business offers, virtualization has become a necessity for businesses, whether large or small. The advantages are many, such as cost reduction following the consolidation of environments; lower power consumption; better use of space and the reduction of network assets.

But for all this, a software that offers 100% availability in the data center is needed. This enables customers, partners and suppliers access to the information and applications at any time, via any device, without the threat of downtime or loss of data.

We fill this gap by taking advantage of the capabilities of the Modern Data Center (which includes virtualization, integration of new storage and cloud resources) to offer four essential skills that allow time objective and recovery point of less than 15 minutes for most workloads:

  1. 1- Control the lifecycle of each VM. 

It's extremely important to keep track of each of the virtual machines (VMs) from the "birth" to "death". You should always know how big these VMs have become and how much traffic they receive. It is very common to "set and forget" the VM, but it is a serious mistake and can lead to serious problems.

  1. 2- Set the disk size to be used in VM. 

Yes, you will need to make sure you did the necessary planning to ensure that the host machine has enough space to accommodate the VMs. The time invested is definitely worth it and improves performance.

  1. 3- Create virtual machine templates for easy deployment. 

If you know you'll want to deploy VMs based on specific configurations or needs, create a set of models for the deployment of these machines as efficient as possible. Saving time is money in the bank for you and the customer.

Remember to protect your data. Virtualization has enabled a revolution in this area, and today levels of availability and protection previously restricted to mission critical system (something like 5% of all systems maintained by IT) are now available for most systems. Image level backups of VM replication facilitate recovery almost the same instant, allowing RTPOs to be, as previously mentioned, less than 15 minutes. 

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Published on 08/12/2014 16:48:10
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